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Pricing Group and Individual A&H Products
MarACon has experienced expertise pricing group and individual A&H insurance products
  • Medical and Drug Pricing System for both group and individual insurance
  • Brochure
  • Sample Report
  • Dental and Vision Pricing System (See the Dental Insurance Services)
  • Pricing experience for other group insurance including: life; LTD; LTC; and dread disease
  • Pricing experience for other individual insurance including: accident; DI; cancer; travel; and blanket
Market Review of A&H Products
MarACon can assist your market research by performing unbiased third party surveys and market analysis
  • Independent survey of competitors
  • Market review of your product to market norms
  • Assist in positioning your product by geographic markets
Filing of Rate and Actuarial Memorandums for all States
MarACon is familiar with filing requirements for each state
  • Prepare rates for filing
  • Develop actuarial memorandums specific to state filing requirements
  • Respond to actuarial questions from insurance departments
  • Submit any state specific actuarial documents

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New Partner Joins MarACon, LLC

We are excited to announce the hiring of a new managing director at MarACon, LLC. His extensive consulting expertise makes him an excellent addition to our team.

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