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MarACon, LLC
Dental Rates, Experience, and Other Surveys
MarACon maintains annual surveys for the following
  • Annual Dental and Vision Rates for multiple plan designs and 106 MSA's nationally
  • Expected loss ratio and expense loads by groups size
  • MarACon can perform unbiased confidential customized surveys for your company
Dental and Vision Pricing Models
MarACon develops a manual for pricing dental insurance
  • This manual includes adjustment for all benefit options
  • Includes voluntary and benefits that vary by policy year
  • Compare fee schedules to prevailing charges
  • Evaluate a groups demographics for dental costs
  • Excel software provided for quick pricing
  • Brochure
  • Sample Report
  • Vision Brochure
  • Vision Report
Direct Retirement Dental Plans (Dollar Based Rating)
MarACon has been instrumental in pricing dollar based dental plans as promoted by the ADA and CDBP
  • This manual includes pricing of all dollar based plans
  • Develop expected costs using demographics and benefit design
  • Compare dollar based costs to procedure based costs
  • Brochure
  • Sample Report

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New Partner Joins MarACon, LLC

We are excited to announce the hiring of a new managing director at MarACon, LLC. His extensive consulting expertise makes him an excellent addition to our team.

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